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Cut Dust Collection Operating Costs by 70-80%

Typically, cutting machines and similar dust producing equipment rarely achieve greater than 30% ‘green light’ operating times, yet dust collectors run 100% of the time. Matching these two operational times captures lost dollars every day.

Typical ROI of 7.5 months for:

Studies show that typical dust and fume-producing operations rarely achieve greater than 30% actual operating time, while dust-collection systems operate 100% of the time. The result is obvious - up to 80% of the electricity used to operate the system is wasted - taking valuable heated air with it.

With the VeriControl System from VeriGreen, the dust control varible motor is automatically scaled back on shut down until it’s needed. You control the set-back parameters and your costs. The following case study illustrates actual savings on a plasma cutting table with a 13,000 cfm, 40hp dust collector.


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