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Do you know what your Power Factor is?

Every month, local companies are paying thousands of dollars in direct penalties on their hydro bills, often without even knowing it! Simply by improving our Power Factor from mid-70’s to over 90 and switching to efficient lighting solutions, we reduced our monthly electricity cost by 58% – despite a 145% expansion of our production facility. Now we want to show you how you can get the same results.

A little about Power Factor…

[ Power Factor ]Power factor is simply the efficiency of all the motors running in your facility. Your electrical provider measures that on a monthly basis and the rate charged is based on the power factor. Power factor is measured as being in a range from zero to 100 or as a percentage. Motors rarely if ever achieve 100 Power Factor without special help. For example, the following motor-run equipment can benefit from having power factor corrected closer to 100:

Basically, if a piece of equipment has a motor that turns, then there is the potential for savings.

A typical motor usually rates between 20 to 80 power factor. That means that the inefficient motor needs more electrical current than necessary and will run hotter due to the increased draw of electricity. This will lead to earlier failure of the motor.

VeriGreen’s solution is to measure your facility motors and analyze which systems will benefit and how much the benefit will be financially. We will send you a no-cost report from which you can make an intelligent decision on which motors to improve.

Are you paying a Power Factor surcharge every month?

More important, electric utility companies significantly penalize commercial customers with an average monthly power factor lower than 90%. A quick check of your utility bill will determine if you are paying these extra penalties. If you are, we can recommend specific, affordable solutions that will produce a payback month after month after month. The chart on the right illustrates the huge surcharge you may be paying…