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This is not rocket science. You can save money and improve profitability while you are:

Utility Costs are Fixed Overhead, Right?

We have proven that utility costs do not have to be considered part of your fixed overhead, but instead should be considered variable and controllable. VeriForm, our sister company, increased the size of its steel fabricating plant by 145% while simultaneously reducing monthly electricity costs by 58%. At the same time, there was a 91% reduction in natural gas heating costs year over year. As a direct result, annual operating profits increased by 76%.

We are not energy resellers. We simply offer a "Profitable Green" menu of services in the following order:

We offer a no-charge 30-60 minute presentation at your facility, where we’ll show you that it’s easy and profitable to Go Green. Just call our office for an appointment and be sure to read about the Top 37 Energy Conservation and Waste Reduction Projects at VeriForm Inc.