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VeriGreen T12 to T5 Self-Ballasted Solution

15% More Light, 70% Less Energy without Changing Fixtures.

20-Second Overview:

VeriGreen uses only the highest quality T5 Flourescent Lamps from major brands like Philips, Sylvania and GE. Superior lamp technology offers increased energy savings, up to 40,000-hour life, and low toxicity in a slim profile.

*Old ballast must be disconnected. It could be left behind but we recommend it be removed and disposed of responsibly. The adaptor pictured above is an independent unit and it is an electronic ballast.

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VeriGreen T12 to T5 Self-Ballasted Solution

4-Bulb T12 Conversion T5 and T8 Comparison T5 T8
Minimal Disruption to Tenants No ballast change
No chaining requirement
(ESA ruling)
3 times longer install
Move ceiling tiles
Must chain ends
Larger OPA Grant Amount $105 per fixture
(only limited by 40% rule)
$21 per fixture
Longer Life (Lifecycle) 40,000 hr 20,000 hr
Electrical Savings (Air Conditioning) 21% reduction in costs for air conditioning 15% reduction in costs for air conditioning
33% Better Electrical Savings
(Assuming 4-bulb T12 40W = 192 watts)
Save 70%
Reduced to 60 watts
Save 50%
Reduced to 140 watts
50% Less Bulbs for T5 2 bulbs 4 bulbs
Enhanced Light Quality 15% more lumens lower losses over life Over 50% of installs end up with less lumens
50% Less Maintenance for T5 2 bulbs, no ballast to dismantle 4 bulbs and a ballast to remove

Technical Data

Electronic Ballast Input Electronic Ballast Output
Input Voltage (V) 120.0 Lamp Voltage (V) 169.9
Input Current (mA) 261 Lamp Current (mA) 160
Input PF 0.996 Lamp Wattage (W) 26.3
K Factor 1.10 Lamp Frequency (kHz) 41.7
Input Current (THD %) 6.900    
Ballast Factor BF (%) 96.4 Ballast Efficacy (BEF) 3.096
  Ballast Inrush Current 6.98  

T5 Success Story

Good Morning Everyone, this is a short email just quickly updating you on a T12 to T5 lighting upgrade we did earlier this year at 145 Turnbull Court in Cambridge, Ontario.The client who is in the building saw a 63% reduction in electricity usage with respect to lighting before and after.

Specifically here are the numbers for electrical draw for the lighting:
· T12 Fluorescent Lighting Before: 27 kilowatts
· T5 Fluorescent Lighting After: 10 kilowatts

We solely used the VeriGreen T5 adaptors for the upgrades, there were no new T5 fixtures used and no lighting fixtures were removed. A total of about 177 fixtures were upgraded all from T12 to T5.

Had we upgraded the client to T8, the savings reduction would have gone from 27 kilowatts to about 22 kilowatts….just 19% savings. Since the VeriGreen T5 adaptors cut the number of bulbs in half while T8 does not then the T8 bulbs will incur double the future maintenance costs. Plus with the T5 adaptors there is no need to call in electricians to replace product as the product is simply “twist and replace”.

NOTE: T12 fluorescent funding is ending in Ontario. Upgrade your facilities as soon as you can to avoid losing the funding. Up to $33 to $105 per fixture depending on fixture height will be gone after the OPA issues the deadline.

Download T5 Flyer PDF (434kb)

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